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My blog located on my website.

It's amazing how I can enjoy writing so much, the ability to compose my thoughts into an article that speaks volumes to me but also to a person who may have never met me and doesn't know anything about me.

In my free time, I carry on writing in my novel, continuously adding pages to it, nurturing it like my baby, wanting to see it grow. I will be very happy when I get to publish it, I can't wait. I'll work on it in the summer, between completing successfully my driver's license exams and being on a beach by the sea in the sunny coast of  Greece. A challenge in itself you might say, but there is no challenge I'm not willing to take on.

Surprisingly, I find myself willing to get distracted by almost anything around me if it is interesting enough. I have a long attention span, don't get me wrong. However, nothing can fascinate me right now as much as NOT doing the essay I have to type out on the laptop. I can write incredibly fast on a keyboard, even type without looking at the keyboard, but I am the slowest hand writer I've ever seen in my life and trust me when I say I know a lot of people. My lecturers are no longer surprised why I annotate using my laptop instead of taking notes in a notepad. In fact they often discuss with me the benefits of having everything neatly organized on a computer and not worrying about losing it in a pile of papers. Obviously they don't recall at the time the chaos that reigns in a hard drive. A chaos that thankfully I am well adapted to when it comes to finding my notes for my essay.

I'm sitting down in front of my books, having earlier on made a martini for me, shaken in my cocktail shaker and poured into a martini glass with two olives, making it a class A drink a student shouldn't be having whilst studying! In any case, I don't mind, it relaxes me and the music keeps me in focus. My friends prefer to drink beer, but I'm more of a whiskey, wine or cocktails drink... Where they drink beers, I drink whiskey on the rocks. Wine over dinner or a quiet night watching a DVD, while a cocktail when I'm out having fun but I am not interested in having whiskey.

A friend of mine asked me earlier on why I don't post something right now. Explaining to him that I'm busy with my assignment didn't seem to do the trick, instead I got interested in writing something quickly to relax my mind and make me feel happy.

Moving back from the laptop with my chair I look across my room. It reflects my current mental state in regards to the essay. It's a mess - books, notes, pens, post-it notes everywhere spread across my desk. All my thoughts and ideas about it are there, just waiting to be put in order. It actually gives me encouragement, seeing all my resource material, knowing that the information is right there.

I'm quite pleased with what I've written so far, but a bit more will definitely be beneficial. The essay is about Modernism, PostModernism and PostColonialism. I have to analyze them and carefully write out my findings in the document. You can see on all my notes the repetitive use of black, blue and red point pens as well as a rainbow of colour shading across key paragraphs I think are important to the essay. Maybe when all this is done I can submit it as an abstract piece of art?

I know I can finish the essay before its due submission time, but I don't want to delay it any further than necessary. It's only a matter of time…
Back in University now, already fully engrossed in my lessons, a stack of reading material for my classes piling up on my desk. I successfully concluded my interview for the job I wanted and I passed with flying colours to my great pleasure. I now have the job and I am going through the training, memorizing procedures and understanding how each system works and such to be able to help the students and members of staff.

Today is the beginning of my weekend, one I've looked forward to, because I got to stay in bed till very late in the morning before I had to get up. I had a read through my notes from Friday to see if there was anything I needed to prepare for Monday and as soon as that was done (relatively quickly mind you!) I used the rest of the time to go shopping (big surprise).

I went out with the intention of buying food and some stuff for my room. Should there be anything good to look at while I was at it wouldn't hurt either. Don't worry, I might enjoy shopping, but I do have a purpose when it comes to actually buying anything.

I get into the centre, where all the shops are in one long street, and of course there just had to be so many cool new additions in sight at the stores. It started to rain again as soon as I was walking out of one of the shops, where ironically I was eyeing some really nice black boots I liked at a very cheap price! I got back into the shop with the intention of looking at their offers again and finding my size because I was fed up of getting wet feet from the rain on a regular basis. Of course, they just had to not have my number there because those boots were on offer. I really wanted them though, so I smiled at the girl that worked there and tried to charm her into going in the storage and having a good look for me. When she came back she had the boots I wanted at the right size!

Thanking her I headed off with the intention of going to look for food I'd need for the weekend as well as anything else I had written on my list. Just a friendly piece of advice to everyone; when walking down the road while reading a note, pay more attention to where you're actually going or next time you might walk right into a street lamp like I nearly did and it would be very embarrassing.

So when I got home, I ended up carrying everything I had bought. I set them down on the floor and blew out a breath of relief. I honestly don't see why I get to live in the furthest building on campus, at the highest floor, and at the most far away as possible room! Sure I get peace and quiet, but after walking up the hill and having to go up all those steps, I think I'm exhausted enough that even an explosion might occur from a bomb and I won't even take notice while I rest on the bed.

I sat on the side of the bed, the bags between my legs and I started to look through my purchases with interest. I put my new boots to the side and made a mental note to wear them tonight to go down to the bar. I set the food to the side with the intention of taking it into the kitchen to place in the fridge, and then I got out the room air-freshener I had bought along with a wonderful strawberry shampoo that I couldn't wait to try out. I know this sounds crazy, but I love it when girls slide their hand in my hair and tell me how great and soft it is or how they love the smell. Call it an ego boost if you will, but I like looking at my best if I can help it.

Finishing with all that, I headed out to the Accommodation Lodge with the intention of picking up any new mail. I was expecting a laptop bag, a wireless mouse and a Kensington lock for my laptop, which my Dad had ordered for me. He had sent me emails which listed their orders getting processed and the items getting dispatched, so all I had to do was wait with eager. When the security warden told me I had items to sign for the grin on my face was instantaneous. With eager I ripped open the boxes that held the awaited items and I found my bag and my mouse had arrived! Unfortunately the Kensington lock hadn't but at least those two were.

I haven't even gotten the laptop yet and I'm already buying accessories for it. I needed those items anyway, so it's best I have them early, so when the laptop comes I won't have to wait and I'll have everything ready. I've received word it's to arrive some time next week so fingers crossed everyone that I'll be setting it all up by the end of next week.

Now I'm currently eyeing a hard drive on Amazon which I want to get as soon as I get my first pay cheque. You just can't ever have enough storage space!
16th of September 2005 has arrived and I have just closed fully my 18 years, going on for 19 years of age.

It's early in the morning. The sun rays are beginning to lighten the horizon as the clouds disperse from their vivid rainfall yesterday. I look outside the window and smile to the starting of a great day. I can see the birds chirping happily on the trees, some drinking from the water drops currently sparkling on the bright green leaves of my mum's trees. My mum comes in the room, kissing me on the cheek and wishing me Happy Birthday. She asks me how do I feel being nineteen now. I think about it, and although it doesn't have much of a difference to being eighteen, it sounds so much more mature. Dad came into the room shortly after that and took photos of us. He tells me just one more year left till I'm done with my teenage years. I'm thinking that for now I'll just enjoy being nineteen and drive the world nuts till I get to the point where I have to stop having fun. Come to think of it though, I doubt that time will come. Fun is too great to miss out on.

There is a live concert of a famous Greek singer tonight that I enjoy listening to and really wanted to attend as a present to myself for my birthday, but I had been unable to get any available tickets as they were old sold out. I didn't worry about it as I was certain I'd figure out other ways of late night entertainment for the night, most likely consisted of partying out with my friends. My mum asked me if I had heard about the concert going on tonight and if I wanted to go. I told her I wanted to, but I hadn't been able to find a ticket. I felt excited once she told me about a competition going on at the local radio station with a ticket to be won from a draw. My luck seemed to be going well thus far, and so I decided to see just how far it could take me. I called the local radio station and asked if I could have my name added to the draw. The competition was to be brought to an end in just a few hours away and should I win I would be called back and notified to go and pick up the ticket. I gave my name and number and hang up and headed for a shower.

I got a call later on from a number I quickly remembered it to be the radio station I had called earlier on. With a smile I recalled what they had said about notifying the winner as I spoke to the person on the other side of the line. I was overjoyed to hear that I had won the ticket for the concert. I was told I could come any time this morning and pick the ticket up from the radio station.

I've gotten the ticket now having returned from the station and I'm going to get ready for tonight. It's a great day which is soon to be followed by a great night.
Throughout the entire week from the moment the calendar noted September 1st I am constantly thinking about heading back to University. It's bizarre if you think about it, I mean who in their right state of mind would want do to do that. I remember that always before I came to the University I would be savouring the last few days of summer, making the most of them as best as I can, taking often trips to the sea to swim and be completely care-free.

Instead, I'm sitting here as I am writing this entry with the thought of how this year will be, how it will be great to get working on my new projects. I think it may be time to bite the bullet and admit to myself I've lost it and admit myself to the nearest psychiatric facility. Just four days until it's my birthday. After the clock strikes midnight for the 16th of September and I am celebrating my birthday, I will have exactly one week until I am back in University.

I have applied for a position as a Hall Courier at the University. Basically a Hall Courier's responsibility is for the first week of the term is to play an integral role for the University in the first days where newly arrived residents are greeted and are shown around. Hall Couriers show the students around the campus, giving brief explanations of the campus facilities. I remember how helpful it was to me last year having someone to tell me about the University's facilities from a student's point of view and know where to go for anything I might need, like going to the laundry room to wash clothes, retrieving mail from the Campus Post Office facility, and so forth. I want the new students to have the same help I got.

I'm trying to excuse my reason for excitement by thinking it's probably because I miss my friends from University and not because I want to get back to studying. I can see a lot of things have changed since high school. I recall wanting at the very last moments of the summer to see all my friends, but that was then; not so soon before the end of summer!

I've got exciting news about this new year at University. I'm going to be getting a laptop for my studies. I've found a gorgeous Acer Aspire 5024WLMi that I absolutely adore, although I doubt my tutors would approve seeing as some of the programs we work on are solely for MAC computers. I don't have anything against MACs, seeing as I own an iPod and I work on a MAC at University, but I'm so more comfortable working with a PC that even though I did contemplate it once, I wouldn't get a MAC if I didn't absolutely need one.

If you are not interested in the technical side of my laptop you can skip this paragraph. The Acer Aspire 5024WLMi has 1GB of RAM, a AMD Turion ML-34 processor, an ATI Radeon X700 graphics card and Wi-Fi enabled so I can work from the University's cafeteria and connect to the internet and check my email while having a cup of coffee. I'm also thinking of buying a Creative Audigy 2 ZS PCMCIA to enhance my sound experience when watching movies from Blockbuster or listening to my CDs. The laptop also has a 6 in 1 card reader so I can slide in my xD card from my Olympus C770 Digital Camera without having to plug the camera in with a USB connection. I can't wait to take new shots with the camera and check them out on its screen.

The main reason I am getting a laptop is because last year I brought to the UK my own computer with the help from my dad, but when it was time to leave University I was on my own and I had to ask from my relatives to help me out. They were glad to help, but I don't want to have to ask them every time. I'd rather be calling them to see how they are than asking for help.

I'm not nervous about going to University this year. This time I know what to expect, and I'll settle in quickly without worrying and rushing around. A lot of hard work will follow, there will be moments of serious physical and mental exhaustion, but I am ready for it.
Well, seems like there are only a few days till my birthday on Sept 16th and right after that I'm off for University again... Gonna be interesting how things go on :)

I'm gonna be getting a new laptop too so I can work on my projects with more ease! yay! :D
A week later now I remember seeing on TV the first minutes of the London bombings reports, playing in my mind as if they had been reported just now, the feeling of surprise, shock and fear coursing through my body as I looked at the television, my eyes glued on the streaming information. The first news reports had come in only moments after I had woken up. I was still groggy when I walked into the living room and switched on the TV. I was going to go into the kitchen and set the kettle to boil so I could make some coffee to wake myself up when my mind registered the words " London" and "bombings" I heard from the news reporter. All the grogginess I was feeling only mere seconds ago had disappeared, along with thoughts of making coffee and I was wide awake.

My mind at the time was racing, and there was no sign that I had just woken up except for the disheveled hair and rough face; I was thinking of the people that were right in the middle of that entire crisis and then it hit me. I started to wonder if someone from my family or my friends were in London and something had happened. I tried to push those thoughts aside and be hopeful, be optimistic. Where there was fear, chaos thrived. This was not a time to feel afraid; this was a time for everyone to do everything in their power to help those next to them. We have to show that we are not afraid.

Lately things have been going crazy with the world, the media constantly telling us about the bombings in London and of how many families were affected by them either through the loss of a loved one, or through the tormenting of being left in the dark, wondering if someone you cared about was alright or not. The phone networks were on fire that day, calls being diverted through endlessly, and relaying information about what was happening. At some point a report came in that the phone network providers were asking the public to use their phone only for emergency reasons.

What never stopped happening was the increasing number in casualties. I saw the reports coming through about the people that were wounded from the explosions and it looked like a disaster. I was glad to see that the emergency teams were extremely efficient, ensuring that all that could be done was being done to help the situation.

I was glad that the number of people that had been hurt during the bombings had stopped increasing, but the moment that surge of happiness coursed through my veins, I hated myself for it. There was nothing good about it; certainly those involved didn't feel any happiness. But to be blatantly honest, in a way it makes you appreciate how delicate life is, and surely those that are alive are glad for it. My heart goes out to those that were affected.

I just couldn't put in my mind the thought that there were people out there that could actually do something like this, who would fathom it. The London Underground took a heavy hit along with at least one bus, but that was nothing compared to the number of lives that were affected.

Rumours are being brought up about the terrorists being 'sleepers', people who go and live in a different country, to live under the radar as native residents until the time comes for them to act. It makes me wonder what it's like to have so much hate in a heart, what is to become of these people that contain it within them, what happened at some stage in their lives to become like this. Why is it that the innocent people are always the ones to pay for the hatred of others? A very good friend of mine brought this thought to me, and I was shocked and appalled by these people. Why do they choose to act this way? Is it to bring a change to the world radically? If so, the only result they bring is pain, not signs of a better world. Through the act of war, all that comes out of it is pain and death, nothing good comes out of it; there are no winners in a war.

The explosions happened only a day after London was awarded the 2012 Olympics and just as the G8 summit with the G8 leaders was getting under way in Scotland, which makes me wonder if they're somehow connected. At first they thought it could have been something like a power surge, but later on they found explosives, making it look like it was a planned attack.

Now, only a week after the bomb attacks last Thursday, millions of people stood in silence for two minutes, to show their respect to those that died because of the attacks. There is nothing we can do to bring back those people, but we can surely do everything we can to stop something like this from happening again.

Don't remember how these people died; instead, remember how they lived.

- Luke Dench…
Yep, I won at the competition :)

I got back from it yesterday, exhausted at the club.

I didn't win the car, but I won a nifty phone and met some great people!

Thank you for the support guys you were great :D

Expect me on the TV and the newspapers real soon lol.. *blushes* ;)

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Hey guys,

I was taking part in this competition and I was 1st. And now I'm down at 4th!

The competition is nearly over now, but I need to stay at top ranks (aka 1st).

Please click here to vote and support! thanks!
..::Datafeed 15012005

I'm back in Treforest now, staying at the University, working on project assignments, waiting for the time I'll be heading to Amsterdam for 'vacation'.

Well, I'm working on designs, but I am a tinsy winsy lazy at uploading stuff… Okay, honestly I seem to forget to upload things >_<

In terms of dA, I'm not taking any shots at the moment as I am too busy with the projects at GCADT.

I've started writing my novel again, slowly but surely... Seems I needed this time alone to get it going again...

Made a new Avatar to use on dA, thought I'd make the change after so many years of keeping it... for more!
Following anemovatis journal idea, I checked it out, and loved the idea. Now, I won't get as high stats as him, but I really want to give this a go, so here goes :)

Stats for darkshadowblaze

I have 6,427 pageviews total and my 50 deviations were viewed 14,739 times.
Overall, people left 197 comments and added my deviations to their favourites 15 times, while I commented 564 times, making about 0.41 comments per day since I've joined DA. This means that I  gave 29 comments for every 10 that I received.
My most commented deviation was Liquified Freedom with 27 comments, receiving an average of 1.92 per day in the first 2 weeks, while my most favourited one was Eternal EcLiPsE, with 3 favourites, averaging 0.07 per day in the first 2 weeks. My most viewed deviation was Liquified Freedom with 5,867 views.
1 Favourites were given for every 10 Comments.
Every 26.9 days I upload a new deviation, and it's usually on a Friday, with 24%/12 of my deviations.
My busiest month was May 2002 with 8/16% of my deviations.
The majority of my deviations are uploaded to the Digital Art gallery (35), while my favorite category was Miscellaneous > Miscellaneous with 15 deviations
Comments per deviation: 3.94
Favourites per deviation: 0.3
Views per deviation: 294.78
Comments per day: 0.14
Favourites per day: 0.01
Views per day: 10.94
Pageviews per day: 4.77

Stats provided by micahgoulart @ / GalleryStats

Check out my dARK aRTS Website @ dARK aRTS
I'm bringing out the new version of my dARK aRTS website slowly...

Currently Existing Files:

» Main Page
» Chapter 00-03 of A Glimpse of Light through the night
   » Past Reviews

It will contain the images from my DeviantART account darkshadowblaze as well as other images that I haven't put there, but also my writing stories, so that everything will be in one place.

Check it out and let me know what you think!
Hey guys,

I just came back from UGC Cinemas!! It's my nameday today, so I decided I would enjoy myself by heading off to see a movie. Unfortunately I had remembered the information wrong so I thought that the film would be starting at 9:25 not 9, so I made arrangements for the 9:25 film.

I got there at 9:22, giving me enough time to track over to the UGC Cinemas, which would normally have been around a 7 to 10 minutes walk, but I ran it in about two minutes, I say that because it wasn't even half past when I got to the place, which was pretty good for me.

As soon as I got there I had a shock! The doors wouldn't open, there was no one there and I was thinking damn, I can't be stuck here without watching a film and going back home like that... I went next door to a bar which was under the same building, asking why the doors were shut.

They had no idea as it wasn't associated in any way with the UGC Cinemas... Alas, I was about to go back to where the front doors were and try once more and then maybe go back to the bar, have a drink and head off for the train station again...

When I was nearing towards the front doors they 'magically' opened as a lady with her granddaughter were looking at something next to the doors and they accidentally opened them.

I rushed in as soon as that happened, to ask the clerk why the doors were closed and if I could see a film... I put on my charms and smiled at her, saying how I had travelled a long way just to see a film in their cinemas. At first she was hesitant, saying that her cashier was closed and she couldn't accept any cash... Then, slowly she smiled to me and said, well if you have the right change, I guess I can give you a ticket. Luckily I did, and she gave me a ticket!

I was going to watch Collateral as I set out for, but since all films had started around 9, I had to see the one that started the latest so that I would actually see more of the film...

I found out that saw started at 9:10... I had no idea what it was about, gave me the impression of a thriller film, and possibly horror, but didn't really care at the time.. Even if I had set out for a more adventure orianted film than a horror film, I was always a person that could eeasily adapt if the circumstances required it!

I went for Saw, headed off to the elevator and got off at the fourth flour.

And there was Saw at the fourteenth section. Here is information on the Saw >…

A doctor and a writer wake up chained to the wall in a filthy bathroom with a corpse between them. The body has a gun in one hand, a tape recorder in the other. From the recording, the two men learn that they are players in a demented game and have eight hours to kill each other. Realising that they are the captives of a sick and twisted serial killer nicknamed 'Jigsaw', the men only have a few hours to unravel the elaborate puzzle of their fate before they become his next victims.

Title: SAW
Director: James Wan

Carys Elwes
Danny Glover
Monica Porter
Michael Emerson
Tobin Bell
Ken Leung
Leigh Whannell
Makenzie Vega
Shawnee Smith
James Wan
Gregg Hoffman
Leigh Wannell
Cary Elwes
Dina Meyer    Length: 102min
Showing from: 01/10/2004

I didn't get to read about it before I headed in... I had already lost so much time so I just went straight in and got the best spot for me. It was something totally different to what I've ever seen, not even the Silence of the Lambs came close to it I would think...

I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who just wants some fun, and not a thrill, but I saw it and was amazed by its complexity, its way of diversing everything!! It was better than a Karyn Slaughter book, to my astonishment, but more violent. The reason I say this is because this killer, doesn't actually kill his victims... He forces them to inflict pain or more specifically death on themselves and/or on others, so he never actually kills...

I had everything timed and I managed to catch the train back as if on clockwork, when I got back to the train station, the train arrived seconds later and I was off heading back to Treeforest.

If any more questions arise for this, let me know. I can't think of anything more to add, except that it was a thrill and a scare, as I got to saw two parts of it that were a bit more gruesome than what I would have expected, the part were one guy cuts himself on barb wires to free himself from a barb wire room before his air supply depletes, and the other where the good doctor cuts his own leg to free himself... A scare thanks to the music I must say, so bravo on the composers of it, they really got to me. I really enjoyed the music it was great!

What a night, I'm still feeling the adrenaline of the film, it was really brilliant!

What will they think of next to keep people on the edge?
I was reading a poll that jark made recently, asking if deviantART has gotten better over the last year or so or not... The link to it is here -->… or…

I felt like I needed to write about this, and I seem to over did it, but I think it was worth it. Read below for it, or click on the above links. Thanks

deviantART gets better as the years go on, because new features are added, but everyone must understand that as times change, the enviroment must change to adapt to it... Not everyone will appreciate this change, not everyone will enjoy it as much as the rest, but it is a change that we have to accept, although I can't see why it will be a change we will have to put up with, as it is a nice change.

The fact that this community grows stronger and bigger as the days, weeks, months and years go on is living proof that deviantART will be with us for time to come and will only get better.

I am positive about this as I say it before you, because I have been here for a long time and I've been through the changes, changes that shape the world of online art as we know it.

What is asked of us is to provide our support to deviantART by submitting more artwork, expanding our horizons, and benefiting from such a community as each and every single person here sets forth to provide work that will describe their inner self, their own preferences, but also work that will be useful to the rest, for enjoyment, reference, examples. Because it is through yourselves, your own work and the work of others that you will learn how to express yourself in the way you feel is best.

No matter the quality of the artwork, what counts is the effort put into it and the quality your own emotions and thoughts poured into it. One cannot expect to be perfect instantly with their first creation, they must work to achieve greater standards, but they must stay true to their own style and preference, not to immitate or copy others, but to create their own work by taking others as examples, as idols if you will.

deviantART was made by artists for artists, and it will keep on going as artists continue to exist, imagine, and create.

Remember, taking a risk in art is not something to fear, it is something to embrace, because by taking a risk, you expand your horizons, you expand your knowledge and make even better art than before by using different ways creating your art or by using different media than what you used before, or in combination.

Enquire for new ways in creating art, Explore the various worlds of art and learn more about it, Experiment with new ways of creating your art. Take a risk.
w00h00!! Yepee!! It's my birthday today guys and I feel awfully excited about it too :D

But guess what? My best friend Chris has his birthday today too, which makes it an even greater day for me, so happy birthday Chris, hope your wishes come true :)
Today is my seventh day at college in Wales,

Glamorgan Centre for Art and Design Technology

I must say it is an excellent place, and our tutor Jenny Francis is surely one of a kind, she's great :)

Just two more days till my birthday, can't wait for that :D
Hello everyone,

I'm done with my exams, tottally, now it's all about relaxation.

I'll be putting on more designs, because I have certainly missed designing!

For now, you may freely view my recently submited work, so feel free to check it out via my gallery and if you wish to comment, please do so :)

In the event that you have any questions regarding DeviantArt, check out the
DeviantArt FAQ
Also, please support DeviantArt by Subscribing..

Thank you for reading,
Hello everyone,

I am currently going through the exams period, so I doubt I will be able to create and publish any designs, but after that I will have all the time in the world.

For now, you may freely view my recently submited work, so feel free to check it out via my gallery and if you wish to comment, you may do so :)

In the event that you have any questions regarding DeviantArt, check out the
DeviantArt FAQ
Also, please support DeviantArt by Subscribing..

Thank you for reading,
Hello everyone,

I am currently going through the exams period, so I doubt I will be able to create and publish any designs, but after that I will have all the time in the world.

For now, you may freely view my recently submited work, so feel free to check it out via my gallery and if you wish to comment, you may do so :)

Thank you for reading,
Hello everyone,

I am currently going through the exams period, so I doubt I will be able to create and publish any designs, but after that I will have all the time in the world.

For now, you may freely view my recently submited work, so feel free to check it out via my gallery and if you wish to comment, you may do so :)

Thank you for reading,
Hello everyone,

I am currently located in England where I have gone for
"holidays" as I am checking some Universities here... Unfortunately I did not bring any tools nor designs with me, so I will be unable to offer any more until I return home.

For now, you may freely view my newly submited work, so feel free to check it out via my gallery and if you wish to comment, you may do so :)

So, for now as you await for my latest submissions, feast your eyes upon Divine Divinity (… ) and State of Mind (… ) and two of my variation favourites chosen by our viewers Purple (… ) and Yellow (… ) Version, my latest submissions ;)

Sorry it's been a while, but I have unfortunately been under the weather...

That's all for now. I promise to keep you informed as much as possible as much as I can as soon as I am back home.

Thank you for reading,